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Calums s14 Ideas when we heard about calums s14 we asked what he had in it by the way he was descrbing the 370kw it was pushing and the lumpy monstrous sound being forced out by the tomi adjustable cam gears its anti lag system we were sure it was running a track ready 6 or 8 cylinder. Straight out of the gate we knew when we saw calums s14 we knew it would be something that your average man and his dog silvia would have nothing in common with especially when we had a peek inside to eyeball a tank of NOS!_DSC3828 _DSC3811 _DSC3805 _DSC3795 _DSC3793 _DSC3770 _DSC3734 _DSC3728 _DSC3722 _DSC3708 _DSC3703 _DSC3690 _DSC3688 _DSC3680 _DSC3679 _DSC3668 _DSC3659 _DSC3655 _DSC3648 _DSC3629 _DSC3622 _DSC3611 _DSC3605 _DSC3594 _DSC3588 _DSC3574 _DSC3563 _DSC3557 _DSC3556 _DSC3546 _DSC3539 _DSC3533 _DSC3521 _DSC3837


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