Round one at Hampton Downs, one could say the weather couldn’t have been any better. We started our day off looking through the pits where all the contestants were getting ready to compete for qualifying. We snuck into Mad Mikes and Hugo Drifts shed to have a poke around. Mikes beast of a Rx-7 was getting backed up just as we got in. He had no rear bumper on already which gave a pretty good indication that he had been going hard as usual in practice. This 4 rotor 26b puts out massive 534hp at the wheels sounding just like a F1 car on full throttle.

Special thanks to Famous Vodka, hosting us with an awesome fun day chilling with Darren Kelly and the Thirsty Liquor / Famous Car
Cole Armstrong in is V R34 throwing a big slide backing out of the end corner of the drift section in qualifying.
Zak Pole in his Rollei Action Cam R33 throwing the same big slide out of the rear corner in quailfying.
Mad Mike as always going hard. Coming into the last corner pushing a little too close to the inner side of the apex, As he heads off into the grass he doesn’t back off the throttle, instead he plants it and just keeps going ripping the rear bumper off once again, it made for a good show none the less.
Cam Vernon in the Shred Motorsport S15 which he ended up placing fourth in. Joe Kukutai was driving the car but Vernon took up the offer, taking it out for the day.
The sweet inside of the Holden Commodore, driven by Fanga Dan. Featuring plenty of grip on the E Brake to keep the beast sliding.
Achilles Radial’s great looking Rx7, this thing features some of the shiniest rims in the game.
The big GREEN MONSTER, Shane Van Gisbergen’s Rattler Motorsports Ford Falcon. A monstor Carby V8, With a massive cam this is one of the best sounding cars on the track.
One of the more clean newer V8 set ups with a set of MSD coil packs and a nice inlet set up.
Fanga Dan having a chat to the TV crew on site.
Mike coming into the second corner of the drift section at Hampton Downs.
Darren Kelly putting on an amazing performance throughout the whole day. They had a few issues at the start of the day and only just managed to put one run down in qualifying. After these issues they managed to get into the top 16 and then to top that off Darren showed the crowd that they have what it takes to come up from Pro Am into Pro, by defeating Last years Pro Champ Fanga Dan.
One hell of a day at D1NZ, with a wicked sunburn we all left to head back to the big city.

1. Gaz Whiter Tectaloy S14
2. Mike Whiddett Redbull RX7
3. Shane Van Gisbergen Rattla Motorsport
4. Cam Vernon Shred Motorsport S15
5. Curt Whittaker Autosure R34
6. Andrew Redward Achilles RX7
7. Troy Forsythe Southern Drifters S13
8. Darren Kelly Thirsty Liquor R34
9. Kyle Jackways Liquid Lab 180SX
10. Daniel Woolhouse Castrol Edge Commodore
11. Cole Armstrong V Energy R34
12. Phillp Sutherland DD Racing A31
13. Bruce Tannock Achilles S13
14. Nico Reid Snitch S13
15. Chris Jackson- Surfab S14
16. Jacob Hakaraia Nexen Tire C35


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