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This pearl white hatch on these crazy green Rays is owned by Josh Hookway. This is a 1998 EK9 Civic type R running the bigger B18c 1800cc VTEC engine with 147 kW; 197 hp @ 8000 rpm & 133 lb-ft @ 7500 rpm.

Josh has owned this Civic for just a little over a year now and has been a Honda man most of his life. He runs a crew called Honda Alliance which is just three months new and growing extremely fast. We asked why he loved Hondas so much, he told us “They’re completely reliable and put out great horsepower for engine size, weight and the way they drive, just like my go cart! I just really enjoy driving them”.

Josh told us he’s been into car culture ever since he could drive. “Boosting around at night with the bro. Sleeping all day, then driving all night”. Josh is a true car guy and we were glad to meet him and hear his story. We took him down to Newmarket in Auckland city to chat and take a few photos.
We managed to find ourselves in a little area under the new overpass bridge and thought it couldn’t get much better with the hot golden sun evaporating into the crisp blue background of the cool night sky. We lit up the bridge and the car and started talking. It started something like “It’s too damn shiny” as I ran around adjusting all the gear.
As we started shooting, the topic came up about the car type and how handy they are.

Hot hatches have become a bit crazy around compact cities, this little thing is the perfect compliment to the back streets of Auckland, with enough HP and noise to impress your mates and enough stance to keep the ladies happy; this Civic holds up well.
Sitting on Buddy Club racing adjustable suspension with hard race adjustable rear camber arms.
Rolling on a set of genuine Ray’s Volk 17″ x 7.5″ that have been re-powder coated in a deep green, with a set of light weight anodized purple alloy wheel nuts.
Green is the theme under the hood, with everything painted to match. Josh is a panel beater by trade and has shown some extreme care under the hood. Josh told us he didn’t leave any piece untouched, even the bolts have been dipped and electrically charged.
Josh hasn’t had to change too much to squeeze a few more ponies out of the B18c, he has added a new inlet and pod filter, hard race engine mounts, alloy radiator, fuel pressure regulator, power fuel rail and a set of hi-tech headers which go to a full 2.5″ exhaust system.
Not a piece left untouched.
The Civic was the best condition that Josh managed to find, it had been converted to a turbo but Josh didn’t have any plans on keeping it that way. However he did keep a few extras e.g pressure reg.
Keeping up with the wicked red standard interior that comes with Recaro seats, red floor mats and door cards.

We had an awesome time talking to Josh and shooting his unique Civic. We’ll try get along and shoot a few of the cars at the next Honda Alliance meet.

Drive Train
1998 EK9 Civic type R
Bigger B18c 1800cc vtec engine with 147 kW; 197 hp @ 8000 rpm & 133 lb-ft @ 7500 rpm.
5spd Manual S80 with Helical LSD
Compression: 11.1:1
Inlet Piping and pod filter
Hard race engine mounts
Alloy radiator
Fuel pressure regulator
Power fuel rail
Hi-tech headers to a full 2.5″ exhaust system.

Pearl white
LED lights
Rear wing

Recaro red seats
Red floor mat’s
Alloy shifter knob

Wheels / Suspension / Brakes
Genuine Ray’s Volk 7.5″ x 15″, powder coated in green and re-stickerd
Buddy Club racing adjustable suspension
Hard race rear camber arms
Standard brakes

Feature By
Photos – Jared Donkin
Write Up – Jared Donkin / Luke Wolfkamp
Location – New Market, Auckland



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