We’ve known about Dean and his life choices for a few years and each time we catch up he’s always ready to take things to the next level in an unexpected way. Dean had been the man in the euro stance scene holding it down for a couple years since 2012 winning “stance off” with a unique look, to something most people would give away to their 15 year old learner to wreck. But Dean always forcing this under the knife to keep people guessing what kind of ridiculous outcome he could come up with next, without a doubt no one saw this one coming, he didn’t event see it coming himself.


It may look rough, and it is. When you see it, you automatically think its wrapped until you take a closer look and run your hands along the body. Grant and Ben from GT Refinishers approached Dean to try something new for 4s and Rotors one year proposing something they never really thought you could pull off. It took time painting it a few times but to get this result he’s more than happy with people reactions.


Dean knows its all about the little things which make a car so different like putting beaded seat covers which are super uncomfortable or dog grids on your windows when you don’t own a dog.


We asked “why this car? after owning handfulls of Toyota KE models to Hilman Avengers to a Honda city Turbo.” He simply told us he found a mint car and stuck with it, a friend of a friend was selling and happened to be the right place and right time and snatched it up.


_MG_0294 _MG_0300 _MG_0311

Dean is a big fan of genuine wheels, rolling on 15×8 fifteen 52 snowflakes gives it that perfect ride height and flush look he wants, but without a doubt something will be under the knife to change the game yet again.

_MG_0319 _MG_0386 _MG_0397

The way this MK2 Golf C sits is perfect, its sitting perfectly on yellow speed adjustable suspension but somehow still practical, with no “serious ¬†trouble getting around Auckland roads Dean can still pull off carrying five people comfortably (apparently).

_MG_0415 _MG_0421


Special thanks to the team at GT Refinishers


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