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Some things in life are just beautiful without having to adjust any special features, a good example is the clean beauty of the C63 AMG’s. These cars come from the strange but amazing country of Germany, with hand built engines from the AMG factory, they’re works of art. We really just wanted to show some of the nice cars out there on our roads.

This car is no standard C63 from the factory though, it has a special remap from Euro Tune. This once 358 kW 480HP 32V V8 now puts out a whopping 530Hp and a whole lot of torque. With all the power and a relatively light 4 door saloon, this thing is a whole lot of fun and packs a pretty big punch.
We parked up on Wynyard Quarter in the mid afternoon, people casually walked on by as we got to it and started snapping a few photos themselves. I thought it would be a pretty fitting environment for a VIP car in a high class, recently refurbished area of the city.
Quad exhausts and two badges, life sounds pretty good.
New cars seem to have the most crammed engine bays. A car like this packs a hefty punch with a big engine, taking up the bay is no surprise. 40 years ago you could just about stand in the engine bay and work on whatever you wanted.
We went for a drive over the shore and took a few driving shots on the way. The pearl white on this car managed to catch the afternoon light and shone bright as we entered the tunnel.

AMG 6.3L V8 530HP
7SPD AUTO/SEMI transmission

AMG suspension
6POT front / 4POT rear, drilled rotors

Pearl White

Feature By
Photos – Jared Donkin
Write Up – Jared Donkin / Luke Wolfkamp
Location – Wynyard Quarter, Viaduct, Auckland


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